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The State Universities Retirement System (SURS) is one of the five state-funded retirement plans and provides retirement, survivor, death and disability benefits on behalf of more than 230,000 members from 61 employers in Illinois, including state universities, community colleges and state agencies. SURS administers benefits and oversees a large investment program with assets approximating $21.8 billion.

SURS is always recruiting for member service representatives. Below are the member service representative positions and the main duties for each team.

There are currently multiple member service representative positions available.

Call Center Team:

  • Provide customer service to SURS members, employers and outside entities
  • Calculate and approve refund claims
  • Serve as a process resource for the team

PREP Team:

  • Calculate and approve refunds, service credit purchases and Primary Estimate Payments (PEPs)
  • Work retirement edits
  • Prepare cost estimates of service credit purchases
  • Provide customer service

Retirement Team:

  • Process, calculate and approve retirement claims
  • Calculate and approve 6% bills
  • Be an active team member
  • Be detail oriented with a strong mathematical background

Retirement Counseling Team:

  • Counsel members on retirement options
  • Calculate and explain estimated benefits
  • Calculate costs of service purchases
  • Provide customer service including occasional call centers hours
  • Conduct educational presentations and seminars for large groups of members
  • Travel within the state of Illinois

Pay Benefits Team:

  • Process pay benefits including completion of pay benefits records and payment for separation refunds, finalized retirements and Preliminary Estimated Payments, disability claims, death benefits, survivor benefits, beneficiary annuities, reversionary annuities, survivor refunds, excess service waivers and disability retirements
  • Maintain check-writing files
  • Communicate with members and external agencies
  • Voucher daily and monthly check-writing runs
  • Update and maintain member demographics and bank files
  • Assist in process of quarterly earnings reports to disability recipients
  • Approve daily ACH transfers
  • Maintain the annual verification processes

Insurance Team:

  • Administer state and community college insurance plans
  • Answer member correspondence concerning insurance benefits
  • Act as a liaison between The Department of Central Management Services (CMS), MyBenefit’s Service Center and SURS members
  • Maintain check-writing files as it relates to insurance premiums
  • Set up insurance for new and existing members
  • Maintain insurance coverage for both SURS and CMS systems
  • Investigate and resolve premium discrepancies

Self-Managed Plan (SMP) Team:

  • Process Demographic Transaction Report daily including terminations, rehires, term adjustments and other errors
  • Process death claims, non-retirement eligible distributions and retirement eligible distributions
  • Coordinate distributions between providers
  • Serve as a liaison and resource for SURS staff, SMP providers and employers
  • Assist accounting in verifying provider information for quarterly unified statements and provide support as required
  • Assist participants with unified statements and distribution forms
  • Test SMP procedures

Employer Services Team:

  • Respond to employers’ requests
  • Train employers on procedures, reporting, statue, legislation and administrative rules
  • Assist in drafting and presenting training on site and/or via webinar on all SURS related issues
  • Participate in the development of Employer Representative Procedures, Employer Website Manual, Employer Procedure Manual and Employer Website enhancements
  • Monitor and assist employers and SURS staff with Employer Website and its application

Disability, Death and Disability Retirement Allowance (DRA) Team:

  • Process, calculate and approve death and survivor claims
  • Process, calculate and approve disability claims
  • Process, calculate and approve DRA claims
  • Be detailed oriented

Apply for this Position

Applicants should submit a completed SURS application, current resume, and a dated cover letter to

This position is 100% in-office time. The percentage time of this position is not negotiable. Applicants are subject to a background check as terms of hire.

SURS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.